Black and White Film Processing

We hand process 35mm, 120 and 5x4 sheet film.  We will select the most appropriate developer solution depending on the film type and speed alteration requirements you may have.  We return your film uncut, or cut into strips, in paper filing sheets or neg bags as appropriate.

Hand processing and printing

35mm Process only - £6.00
  - Process & S/S Contact - £11.00

120 Roll Process only - £6.00
- Process & S/S Contact - £11.00

5x4 Sheet - per sheet - £2.50
- S/S Contact Sheet 4-up - £6.00
(Batch of 4 sheets - process only £9.00

Extra S/S Contact Sheet only - £5.00 (N.B. 5x4 film 4 up on a sheet)



"We use cylinders, not deep tanks, and so your films are processed
individually or in small batches".




" Affordable hand processing and contact sheets like in the good old days.- clients will be impressed"